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    Create Labels Fast with the Brady BMP71 Printer

    There are moments when you must create a label for a component, a wire group, or repair that you are doing. Instead of reaching for that piece of masking tape and marker, the Brady BMP71 Printer is a great way to make those labels fast, easy, and securely. This very versatile label maker is not your run of the mill department store variety label maker. It is built from the ground up to be a powerhouse for industrial, commercial, and even laboratory settings. Labeling wires, circuit boards, and storage cabinets with a wide range of different labels is quite convenient, and even necessary, in many areas. The Brady BMP71 Portable Label Printer offers more than 400 different label options. This easy-to-use labeler can help you cut material waste, save label making time, and print crisp labels. For the home hobbyist that is working on their creations, assembling parts on freelance, or repairing products as a part time business, this label printer is ideal. This does not mean that it can not withstand the rigors of outdoor line work or indoor commercial settings. This incredibly versatile printer can print on more than 30 types of label materials - including PermaSleeve™ wire markers, indoor/outdoor vinyl, polyester die-cut labels, flag labels, self-laminating wire markers, and raised panel labels. This makes those quick labels a breeze. It also boasts a QWERTY style keypad layout, large, graphical, full color display with on screen indicators, and a built-in wizards and other features for easy label creation. You can find out more on the Brady BMP71 printer at the Kimco.com website. There you will not only see our large online catalog of electronic and industrial supplies, but also our industry best prices.
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