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    Clearly Mark Wires With Brady Wire Cable Markers, Sleeves

    One of the problems with many wire labels is that they easily fall off if they are exposed to weather, or they fade away after time. However, there are some solutions to this problem with the use of Brady Wire Cable Markers, Sleeves. Kimco has a great selection of Brady wire cables markers and sleeves for use at home, in the garage, in the assembly line, or out in the field for installations and repairs. The best part of the Brady wire cable markers is that they can be heat shrunk onto the wire itself. No worries about weather causing them to fall off, and they stay where you want them. For example, the Brady PSPT-125-1-WT TLS 2200-+/TLS PC Link PermaSleeve Wire Marker Sleeves are a top quality product that many repairmen turn to for their in the field work. They are easy to use and can be used with the PermaSleeve portable printer for labels and marking. With a heat gun you simply heat them up and they wrap around the wire without any problems. At Kimco.com we also carry the Brady WRAP-1-427 Wraptor Self-Laminating Vinyl Labels. These labels offer excellent resistance to water, oil and solvents and make them perfect for assembly and for work in the garage atmosphere. If you are looking for some top quality wire cable markers and sleeves, then check out the Kimco.com website for Brady products. The prices are competitive in the industry and good for hobbyists also. We offer fast shipping with quality customer service with every order and every customer.
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