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    Make Short Work of Inspections with Brady Inspection Arrows

    One of the ways that you can control the quality of your product is through a rigorous inspection process. Being able to check the assembly, quality of products used, and test the use is a way of controlling what types of products your business is known for. With the use of Brady Inspection Arrows you can easily create an atmosphere of not only good inspection policies, but fast turnaround for defective parts. The Brady line of inspection arrows have a bright color, are easily marked, and stick with a tight bond so that they do not fall off. However, they are also easily removed without leaving any adhesive residue. The reason for these inspection arrows is to pinpoint the exact part, problem area, or defective component that must be fixed, or changed. Within the inspection line, the inspectors, will use these arrows to quickly label the problem and send it back to assembly. From there, the technician can then fix the problem, remove the arrow, and send it back for inspection. We carry Brady inspection arrows because they have been an industry leader for many years now. The Brady DIA-375-RD Die Cut Inspection Arrows are a bright red color and made of a cloth material for better bonding and marking. The Brady BIA-WT Board Inspection Arrows also uses vinyl cloth material that provide a tight bond, yet may be easily removed without leaving an adhesive residue. They are perfect for circuit boards or other electrical components. These Brady arrows, plus others, are available now at the Kimco website. Make sure to check our line today for a great deal and fast shipping.
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