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    Temporary Hold Items with Steinel heat gun glue sticks

    There are many jobs that do not require soldering, or welding within the electronics field, but does require a temporary hold. When this need come up, the Steinel heat gun glue sticks should be the solution. These strong glue sticks give users the ability to temporarily hold items into place while doing other work. These glue sticks are used in the Steinel glue guns which are a staple for many hobbyists and component makers. The Kimco catalog carries the Steinel 04080 Clear 10" Glue Sticks that come in 18 piece packs. The glue stick itself is made of clear glue that holds items without any coloring or residue left behind after clean up. With the use of a Steinel heat gun you can heat the glue up again to remove it before permanently mounting the piece. The quality of these glue sticks is solid enough for any process from crafts to assembling complex circuits. You can find the Steinel 04080 Clear Glue Sticks at the Kimco online catalog along with any other accessory you may need for heat and glue guns. Everything from the guns themselves to reducers are available for you to browse and choose the right product. Each product is easy to find through the search box, or the navigational buttons on the sidebar. Go today to Kimco and begin your search for glue sticks or electrical cleaning supplies. The prices for each of our products are competitive with other suppliers and our shipping is fast and to your door. You always receive stellar customer service from our customer pros and each order is done with precision and care.
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