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    Steinel heat guns accessories give your heat gun more power

    There are many different uses for a heat gun within a manufacturing environment or a home hobbyist who likes to work with electronics and circuits. These jobs and processes are made much easier with the help of a few Steinel heat guns accessories. These accessories are made of a durable quality that will last for a long time without any need for replacement. With an accessory like a reducer you have the ability to increase the temperature of your heat gun while also giving it more pinpoint accuracy. Being able to put a concentrated level of heat on a small area when doing small scale work such as desoldering, heat shrinking plastic connectors, and other elements of electrical work is of great value to produce good products. The Steinel heat gun accessories at Kimco are available to the different heat guns we carry. For example, the Steinel 07071 14mm Reduction Nozzle is made of highly polished stainless steel for durability and long life. These nozzles are perfect for specialized work with small circuits and soldering. You can find a large assortment of Steinel heat gun accessories at the Kimco online catalog. Each part is listed with specs and details so you can know that you are getting the correct part for your heat gun. The site is easy to navigate so you do not become overwhelmed with the many different products, tool, and parts we carry. Check out the catalog today and see the items that are stocked for your convenience. Our prices are competitive and our shipping is fast and reliable.
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