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    Excelta 3C-SA-PI Stainless Steel Fine Tip Fine Precision Point Tweezers

    Any time you need to pick up something small, it is imperative that you have the right tools to do it. Picking things up with your fingers is not an option because of the worry about static electricity as well as the concern about being able to pick up and place the item properly. This is when you will need the Excelta 3C-SA-PI. These tweezers protect against magnetic charges and help you to get into even the tightest places so that you will be able to place any item you need to. You can find it right here at Kimco. We offer the Excelta 3C-SA-PI Fine Tip Fine Precision Point Tweezers along with other items to give you the ability to get your work done quickly and easily. These fine tipped tweezers are a perfect 2-star addition to any work station. The stainless steel constructions help you to protect against magnetic charges being transferred to the items you are working with. These Italian made tweezers are the perfect addition to any workplace. You will appreciate the ability to use these 4.25’ long tweezers to complete your next project with ease. You will be able to order the Excelta 3C-SA-PI through our catalog at Kimco today. We will work hard to get the items you order in the mail right away. By maintaining all items in storage, you will be able to get your item in the mail the same day you order it. Take the time to look over all of the rest of the items we have in our catalog as there are surely more items you will want for your business. We look forward to filling your order and supplying you with all of your needs fast and efficiently.
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