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    Precision You Can Count on with Excelta 3C-SA-SE Economy Fine Tip Precision Point Tweezers

    When engaged in general assembly, there are going to be tight areas in which you will need to place items or reach into. This is not something you will be able to do with your fingers. You will need to have good tweezers in order to make it happen. This is why you should consider getting the Excelta 3C-SA-SE tweezers. With a fine tip and a complete metal construction, they are everything you need to get into even the tightest spaces. You can find these whenever you visit us at Kimco. We offer the Excelta 3C-SA-SE Economy Fine Tip Precision Point Tweezers for those looking for a 1-star pair of tweezers which are anti-magnetic and of a sturdy construction. These tweezers are made in Pakistan and provide you with the kind of tip which can get into even the smallest places. With a 4.25” length, they will allow you to get into just about every space without being so long that you will get shaky just to close on the items. The antimagnetic properties of these stainless steel tweezers allows you to protect the items you are working with and those you are working on. You can find the Excelta 3C-SA-SE along with all of the rest of your assembly needs whenever you are visiting out catalog at Kimco. We offer you everything you need so that you will be able to keep running your operations without having to slow down. We work fast to fill all orders and since we keep most items in stock at all times, you will have the assurance that you will not have to wait for us to ship your order. Most orders ship the same day they are placed.
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