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    Get Portable Grip with Panavise 380 Vacuum Base

    Whenever you need a vise, you do not always want to have to drill into the work surface. This is something which many feel is unavoidable if you want to have a secure base which you can attach items to. This is no longer the case whenever you purchase something like the Panavise 380 vacuum base. This base can be put anywhere you want to have it so you can even bring it along with you when working in different areas. You will be able to find this and so much more whenever you are visiting our Kimco online catalog. If you are ready to purchase the Panavise 380 vacuum vise base, you will be able to find it in our catalog. The base allows you to simply engage the rubberized vacuum seal on the bottom of the base. As long as it is being attached to a smooth surface which is non-porous, it will instantly adhere. Flipping the latch in the other direction will release the base and make it possible to get the vise power you need. The 380 can fit all 300 series heads and allows control over the position of the head with a single knob for the “split-ball” lock. Purchasing the Panavise 380 vacuum base is easy to do through our Kimco online catalog. Browse through our wide selection of items to find exactly what you are looking for. The easy navigation feature of our website will allow you to skip to the exact product you are looking for or you can search through our selection to find the perfect product. We keep all of our items in stock at all times so you will be able to get your order as quickly as possible. We look forward to filling your order right away.
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