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    Hold Smaller Objects with the Panavise 391 Micrometer Vise

    When working on smaller objects, it is beneficial to have a vise which matches the work you are doing. Larger vises might not be designed will enough to close tightly on these objects. The Panavise 391 micrometer vise has the ability to close on even the smallest objects you might be working on. It is easy to get this vise whenever you are visiting our website at Kimco. The Panavise 391 Micrometer Stand Combination Vise Base offers you the ability to firmly hold all small objects in place without having to worry about crushing them. The ability to open the mouth to 0.5 inches allows you to easily slide small objects into the opening. The ability to close to 0 inches makes sure that they are held tightly in place. Head locks firmly in place as a result of the “split-ball” locking mechanism on the vise. Base can be bolted in place with three ¼ inch countersunk holes for flathead screws. The vise can be used with the vise head it comes with or with any of the 300 series vise heads which are available. Purchasing the Panavise 391 micrometer vise or any other kinds of vises is easy through our Kimco website. Easy navigation and a fully stocked warehouse means you will not only be able to find the product you are looking for, but you will be able to receive it faster than you thought possible. Our staff is on hand to help with filling your order whenever you place it. Maintaining stocks and working hard to fill orders quickly means that your order will be shipped within a 24 hour period. We look forward to receiving your order and getting it in the mail to your right away. We know you will be back for more of the products we have to offer.
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