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    Hold More with the Panavise 366 Vise

    Large objects sometimes need to be held in a vise for you to work on them. This is especially true whenever working with an item using two hands. Getting a vise large enough to accommodate your item may prove to be e bit of a challenge at times. Purchasing the Panavise 366 vise will allow you to get the grip you need on even larger objects. You will be able to find this and so much more of what you need whenever you visit our Kimco online catalog. The opening of the Panavise 366 Wide Head Opening Vise is about 6 inches. If the jaw pads are removed, you will be able to open the head to an extra 0.25 inches. Jaw pads can also be removed whenever working with high heat to protect against burning or smoke. The 366 can fit with any base that accepts 300 series heads. The black oxide coating on the head offers the ability to see easier as a result of light absorption. Neoprene jaw pads offers a grip with the ribbed design perfect for holding PC boards and other objects which need insulation and a soft grip. Head has a shaft of 5.125 inches and a head length of 11 inches. Whenever you are visiting the Kimco online catalog, you will be able to find the Panavise 366 vise along with many other products you might need. Take a minute to search through our website for other products you might be looking for. Our comprehensive website provides you with many of the items you have been searching for all in one place. Because we keep most of these items in stock at all times, you will be able to receive your order even faster. We ship most orders within a day from when they were placed.
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