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    Protect Items from Static with Desco Metal Shielding Bags, Desco Static Shielding Bags

    Whenever dealing with ESD sensitive materials, it is necessary to make sure that they are protected when in storage or in shipment. Static electricity can get right through domestic bags. It is necessary to get bags which offer protection against static. This is what you will find whenever using the Desco Metal shielding bags, Desco static shielding bags, we make available at Kimco. Here, we make sure you can find all of the Desco Metal shielding bags, Desco static shielding bags which offer you the protection you need for all of your ESD goods. These bags are specially designed to not only protect against having static inside of the bag. They also help in making sure that even when the bag comes into contact with static electricity that this is not translated to the items inside of the bags. Because we have a variety of different sizes and closures for the bags, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Protective surfaces are ideal for marking what is inside of the bag without having to worry about damaging any of the components inside of the bag. You can purchase Desco Metal shielding bags, Desco static shielding bags whenever you are visiting the Kimco online catalog. We offer easy navigation to help you find all of the different product you are looking for. Aside from these bags, we offer everything else you might need when working with ESD materials and all other production needs. We can help you to get your order as fast as keeping all of our items in stock at all times. We will get started filling your order as soon as you place it. Most orders ship within 24 hours of the order being placed. View all our Desco sale items here.
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