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    Pick It Up Using Excelta 2A-SA-PI Stainless Steel Flat Round Point Fine Precision Tweezers

    Picking up small items can be a challenge whenever dealing with magnetic or electrical items. These items are not suitable for being picked up with your fingers. You need to make sure that you are using the right tools to pick these items up. The Excelta 2A-SA-PI is a great tool for use whenever trying to pick up these kinds of items. You will have all of the protection you will need to complete your work no matter what you are trying to pick up. You can find this and many other great items whenever you are visiting us at Kimco. The Excelta 2A-SA-PI Flat Round Point Fine Precision Tweezers are a perfect addition to any workspace. They have rounded tips so you will not have to worry about anything being torn or poked as you are trying to pick items up or move them into place. Even with the tweezers being stainless steel, they are antimagnetic. These Italian made tweezers are 2-star quality to help you get into even the smallest areas. They are perfect for moving and placing labels. They are also useful whenever working with SMD components. You can find the Excelta 2A-SA-PI along with all of the rest of the accessories and components you need when you visit us at Kimco. You will find that our online catalog has everything you need to complete your workstation. We pride ourselves on having all of the necessary tools you need to get your job done. We also do everything in our power to get your order out as fast as possible. We ship most orders the same day that they are made, so you get your order fast. We look forward to filling your order soon.
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