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    Pick It Up with Excelta 2A-SA-SE Economy Flat Round Point Tweezers

    There are many items you will need to move around which require a fine touch or a reach you cannot have with your fingers. The Excelta 2A-SA-SE is a perfect way that you will be able to get access to different items as well as to place items without having to worry about damaging them. These tweezers are a great addition to any workplace and are useful whenever a delicate touch for a small item is needed. You will be able to find this and other great products whenever you are visiting us at Kimco. The Excelta 2A-SA-SE Economy Flat Round Point Tweezers features a stainless steel construction which is antimagnetic. These are perfect for handling all SMD components and other delicate components. Even placing labels is easy to accomplish with the use of these handy tweezers. The strength needed to close on anything is not very much with a length of only 4.25”. The 1-star tweezers provides you with the quality you would expect form a Pakistan made item. They are available for purchase for individuals and professionals alike. You can find the Excelta 2A-SA-SE for sale in our catalog at Kimco. The catalog has been organized in such a way that you can easily find everything you are looking for. Simply browse through all of the items you normally use and select the ones you want to order. We will work fast to help provide you with everything you need as fast as possible. Since we keep most items in stock at all times, you will be able to have your order filled the same day that you place it. We look forward to receiving your order so we can fill it and ship it to you today.
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