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    Increase Your Safety with the Desco 17200Foot, Heel Grounder

    As you are working on different ESD materials, or anything with an electric current, it is highly important to stay safe. Being connected to a table is not always possible whenever you need to move around. Having something which will allow you to move around while you are working will help you to stay mobile and stay safe. This is what you will find with the Desco 17200Foot, Heel Grounder. This product is available through our online catalog at Kimco. Desco 17200 Premium Foot / Heel Grounder with 1 Meg Resistor allows any worker to be properly grounded at all times. When stepping on any ESD protected flooring that is grounded, it is almost impossible to carry any kind of electric charge. The loop fastening system allows for the ability to attach the strap to any footwear. The stretchy fabric offers more options. All straps are date coded to make sure that the quality of the strap is assured and to track inventory. The interior layer of the strap is protected from marring footwear. Grounding tab made from strand Nylon easily attaches for comfortable protection. Order the Desco 17200Foot, Heel Grounder is easy to do when ordering through the Kimco catalog. We make sure that everything on our website is also available in our warehouse. This will give you the confidence that you will be able to get your order as fast as possible. We process each order as quickly as possible to make sure you are getting what you ordered right away. Browse through our online catalog to see all of the rest of the equipment we have to offer. Most shipments are fulfilled within the same day, so no matter what you order, you are assured to get it as fast as possible. We look forward to filling your order today.
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