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    Steinel hobby heat guns are perfect for crafts and hobbies

    One of the mainstay tools of any hobbyist or craft enthusiast is the glue gun. With Steinel hobby heat guns these crafters and hobbyists can not only enjoy their work, but also do it without any glue hassle. One of the reasons that glue guns are used is because of the way that the glue from the gun bonds with the parts. The heat of the gun melts a glue stick which then seeps into the surface of the pieces. When the glue begins to harden it incorporates each part into it and forms a bond stronger than other types of bottle glue. One example of a hobby heat gun that Kimco carries is the Steinel TM6000 ThermaMelt 6000 Butane Powered Glue Gun. It is a cordless glue gun that uses removable butane canisters for ease of use and quick refueling. This gun has a heating point of 320 - 464 ° F / 160 - 240° C and cuts the flow of glue off immediately so there is not dripping. This gun, along with others, is available at the Kimco online catalog. Hobbies such as modeling, electronics, or crafts that require gluing pieces together will benefit a great deal from the adhesive bond made possible from this type of glue gun. Check out the Kimco online catalog for more information on this, and other products, for your hobbies and crafts. The site is easy to navigate and lists the details of each product so there is no confusion over what you need.
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