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    ESD Floor Cleaners For Work Areas Help Protect While Keeping Floors Looking New

    If you look over your current lab, assembly line, or basement workshop there is one item that is the most valuable to you over and above your expensive tools and parts. It may be overlooked many times, but ESD floor cleaners are absolutely essential to a protective area from which to work. Many times a day there are people who are walking over floors going to and from their workspace. They also walk along these same floors to pick up parts, go to lunch, and walk in from the outdoors. Many times there are precautions in place that will keep people from carrying in contaminants from the outside and absorb any electrical static buildup. However, there are still dangers lurking with a dirty floor in any assembly or repair area. ESD floor cleaners, like ACL 4020-1 Staticide ESD-Safe Neutralizer Floor Cleaner is a anti-static cleaner that leaves no film, has low foam level, constant detergency, non-streaking and safe to septic and sewage systems. These ESD cleaners will not degrade production environment anti-static properties. While keeping the floors clean is important it is not the only function you must be aware of. A regular maintenance schedule of stripping wax buildup on floors is also imperative for any type of clean room. By doing so you not only create a cleaner room, but also get rid of any ground in dirt buildup. Kimco.com carries a wide range of different ESD cleaners, strippers and anti-static waxes that can not only make your room look clean, but protect components in the process. Take a look at the online catalog today and find the products you need.
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