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    Keep Your Areas Safe With ESD Chemicals And Dispensers

    There are many reasons why you will want to have different types of ESD chemicals and dispensers within easy reach. For anyone who works with electrical components they chemicals can be used in many instances from protecting parts, cleaning workspace, creating ESD safe tools, and protection from injury. Any work are, from the industrial setting to the home hobbyist, needs to have a good selection of ESD chemicals and dispensers to perform many different activities. For example, the 3M 8001 ESD-Safe Surface Mat and Surface Cleaner is great for removing dirt, grime and stains from all types of static control surfaces while also keeping the ESD properties in place. The R&R SBC-16-ESD Static Dissipative Spray Bottle has an average surface resistivity of 10^9 to 10^10 Ohms/sq. and will dissipate a static charge of +/- 5000V in less than 2 seconds. Working with computers, tablets, and other electrical devices to help with readings and calculations also need to be protected with different ESD safe products. By simply keeping your keyboard clean with a cleaner can help to dissipate static buildup while also keeping your tools and equipment clean. Kimco carries a wide selection of ESD chemicals and dispensers which can be used throughout your assembly plant of in different areas of your laboratory. They range from small individual dispensers to larger work space bottles which cover a wider area. Our prices are competitive with any other supply company and we ship out quickly. Take some time to check out the online catalog at Kimco to find the right product for your project or workspace.
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