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    Keep Your Clean Room Workspace Clean with ESD Wipes and Swabs from Kimco

    When working in a clean room it is important to realize that there are many ways that it can become contaminated through simply working in it. Many activities such as assembly, soldering, cutting wires, replacing damaged equipment, and debris from clothing can cause a contamination of the product or vacuum. Using ESD wipes and swabs you can clean the workspace while also creating an ESD safe area. Many times electrical work will require the use of solder and hot irons. Soldering the items together on an electrical card or circuit is important to make a good secure connection. However, through the use of the solder there is a lot of dust and flux residue that can get on the workspace. With the use of an ESD wipes and swabs product like JNJ SW100AFR Semi Aqueous Paste & Flux Remover SmartWipes you can easily clean up the space, but also provide electrostatic discharge protection to the area. The Coventry 44070ESD ESD-Safe Polyurethane Swabs is a great product to use when you want to make sure that the piece you are working with is clear of any static charge. Simply swab the part and the handles of these swabs will dissipate 99% of a 5,000 volt (5 KV) charge in less than 2.0 seconds. You can find these two products, and other great ESD wipes and swabs at the Kimco website. You will find an extensive listing of ESD safe products all at a great low price. We also have fast shipping so that you get the products in your hands quickly so there is no downtime in production.
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