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    The Many Differences in Bin Storage



    Every electronics manufacturing or repair facility has a unique layout, with its own production line and storage space. Because each facility has unique needs, Kimco Distribuing Corp. carries several dozen storage bins. From these bins, every business should be able to find a storage solution that meets its needs.

    Standard Storage

    Kimco Distributing Corporation stocks several standard storage bins. These are basic storage solutions, with shelves and compartments in them for easy organizing. Standard storage bins, such as the Lyon 1080 Storage Cabinet, are not fancy, but they are an affordable solution for basic storage. Quantum QUS Series of smaller storage units are a good solution for keeping little items organized.

    ESD-Safe Storage

    Many of the companies Kimco Distributors serves require ESD-safe storage. ESD-safe storage cabinets protect the contents within them from static discharges. They are designed to prevent microelectronics from being damaged by an electric charge. Both Lewis Bins, Akro-Mils and Dr. Storage make ESD-safe storage bins in a variety of sizes and shapes.

    Dry Storage

    Microelectronics also often need to be protected from moisture. Businesses that are looking for ESD-safe and humidity-controlled storage usually end up with one of Dr. Storage’s storage bins. Kimco Distributor’s largest ESD-safe dry cabinet is the Dr. Storage XDL-1200, which has a total capacity of 1,250L. There are also several smaller units available.

    Space-Saving Storage

    In many manufacturing plants and repair facilities, space is a premium. When space is tight, creative solutions like Production Basics’ 8553 Overhead Storage Cabinet or Lewis Bins’ LP1236-CON ESD-Safe Wall Mounted Storage are usually the best solution. Production Basics’ storage unit is ideal for large items that are infrequently used, while Akro-Mils ESD-Safe Shelf Bins, like the 30-210ESD model, are designed for small electronics.

    There are many storage solutions available at Kimco Distributing Corp. Whether businesses just need a basic storage cabinet, or an ESD-safe unit that uses space efficiently, they will find it here.

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