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    10 Benefits of Ergonomic ESD Bevco Chairs

    Although there may be more than one source for ergonomic ESD chairs, Bevco ergonomic ESD chairs stand out rather well from the “crowd.” They are durable, dependable and well-established products whether meant for healthcare, laboratory, cleanroom, industrial or office settings.   What Are the Most Salient Benefits of These Chairs? Some of the superlative characteristics which distinguish these chairs from the competition’s include:
    1. They reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs).
    2. They reduce cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs)
    3. They reduce repetitive strain injuries (RSIs)—including carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, etc.
    4. They help boost employee or student productivity by making people feel more comfortable and by helping to reduce fatigue.
    5. They can help reduce potential worker compensation claims because of work-related injuries or strains.
    6. They help your company, school or facility save money by lasting longer than what the competition produces.
    7. They help create happier, more emotionally stable/satisfied employees and students—again, by virtue of being exceptionably comfortable.
    8. They are easy to keep clean with special manufacturing materials that resist stains, grease, water, chemicals and even punctures.
    9. They are safe for healthcare and laboratory conditions because of special, built-in contamination controls; there are also static control protection chairs.
    10. They help protect fragile, sensitive floors by being fitted with special hard plastic casters or soft wheel casters, depending on needs of customers.
    Other Characteristics That Make These Bevco ESD Chairs Unique:
    • These chairs exceed or meet highly-regarded ANSI/BIFMA standards.
    • The vinyl and fabrics used on these chairs exceed or meet California’s tech Bulletin flammability standards.
    • These Bevco ESD chairs exceed or meet NFPA standards.
    • These chairs come with an unbeatable 12-year warranty.
    • These chairs are proudly made right here in the US—by purchasing them, you are supporting the American economy at its most basic foundation.
    • These Bevco ESD chairs have a long-established safety record.
    • These chairs come in different colors and styles to suit every taste and need.
    Conclusion Bevco ergonomic ESD chairs have all the qualities most people could possibly be looking for, if they have impeccable, demanding taste. While no product is perfect, these chairs come awfully close. You can prove that to yourself just by sitting on one. High quality always stands out—ergonomic Bevco ESD chairs prove that beyond a doubt!
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