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    ESD Chairs - What is an ESD Chair and why would you need it?


    If you have ever shuffled your feet across carpeting and touched a metal object, or even another person, you have probably felt the effects of static electricity. That little zap can be an attention-getter and an annoyance.

    For those who spend time in the electronics repair or assembly industry, these static electricity discharges can be much more than an annoyance. They can cause costly delays, repairs, and result in hundreds of dollars in damage and lost productivity. Today’s electronic parts in medical, automotive and other industries are so precise, and so sensitive, these discharges can cause significant problems. That is why clean room chairs and those used in electronic repair and digital assembly environments should be Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD).

    • What is an ESD chair?

    ESD Chairs are a prudent line of defense against static electric discharges. They are designed to minimize static electricity build up and provide a ground for the discharge of any build-ups that occur. These grounds are generally provided through specially designed casters or in some cases, a drag-chain.

    • Who should use ESD chairs?

    ESD chairs should be used in manufacturing, assembly, and the repairs of electronic parts and devices. Cellphones, computers, tablets and hundreds of other electronic devices can be damaged by unintended electrical discharges. They are likely to occur in repair circumstances and where multiple people may be present.

    • Why choose a Bevco ESD chair?

    Bevco ESD chairs are not only designed to be efficient in dissipating static electricity, they are attractive and comfortable. The attention paid to ergonomic comfort from Bevco makes these chairs easier to work from and provide a greater level of productivity. Bevco ESD chairs are available in bench height and desk height models. With Bevco ESD chairs, you get more for your money!

    If you need to address static electricity in your work environment, consider the line of versatile, comfortable and ESD chairs from Bevco. Visit GoKimco.com for a look at our complete selection of Bevco ESD chairs and parts.

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