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    ESD & Static control clothes Available at Kimco

    At Kimco you can get the best deals in the industry on ESD & Static Control Clothes for lab, commercial, and home safety. Our selection of static control clothing is second while providing incredible protection from static shock. Our wide range of ESD safe products include smocks, lab coats, pants, booties, and a wide range of jackets in styles and colors. Each product also includes cuffs and the ability to be connected to shock cord enabling the user to be hands free. In different tests throughout the laboratory, each of these products continued to provide exemplary protection. The great thing about ESD & static control clothes is that they are not just for the commercial environment. Sure, they are found within electrical assembly areas, and clean rooms, but did you know they are also perfect for the home? Many hobbyists who work with electronics, assembling computers, or just dabbling into robotics must have some ESD safe clothing for their own protection. You never know when you are building up a static charge within your clothes that can be discharged as you touch the components. This can cause quite an injury if ESD safe clothing are not worn. We at Kimco know how important it is to have the best quality equipment and clothing for doing any type of electrical and chemical work. That is why we stand behind our ESD & static control clothes that are available at our Kimco website. The prices are highly competitive, and usually lower than our competitors, and we have fast shipping available on all products.
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