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    Hundreds of ESD Bins and Boxes Available at Kimco

    Anyone who is working within a field where electro static discharge is a potential must have access to valuable ESD bins and boxes for storing and protecting components. These products are very useful for anyone who is involved in industrial assembly of electrical components and circuits, or the person who is in his garage or basement doing repairs to everything from televisions, computers, and home electronics. The storage of these components and products must be more than just a cabinet. Storage totes, bins, and barrels must be made of a material that can absorb electrical charges and pass it to the ground, bypassing the contents of the containers, preventing product damage. When containers are used with lids and interior divider sets, the highest level of protection is achieved. We at Kimco have worked with many different totes, bins, barrels and boxes to be able to offer our customers the very best in ESD protection. The build up of static charges can be devastating to the components being stored - especially delicate circuits - as well as bodily injury. The ESD safe containers that Kimco offers are permanently static dissipative as well as drop safe. Many of the carry boxes, storage bins and totes are shock absorbent in having a layer of foam surrounding the components. The foam is also conductive and and does not generate a charge. You can find many different ESD bins and boxes, for storage, shipping, and work area at the Kimco website. Our online catalog is full of hundreds of different items that are perfect for any type of job - or part - that you may have.
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