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    Protect from Charges with Workstation Grounding Equipment

    03-03-2012-04When working in an ESD environment, charges moving into electronics can cause certain problems. Making sure that you are using the right workstation ESD grounding equipment can avoid a problem in which electronics are destroyed. The right kind of equipment allows you to make sure that your items are being grounded. Matting for ESD Requirements The best way to use matting in an ESD environment is to provide a way for the electrons to move into the ground. This is possible whenever you are using a mat which is connected to a ground pole which is buried into the ground before the foundation of an environment is poured. This will allow your electrons to move through the ground and into the earth rather than into the device you are working on. The use of ESD mats means that the device will still drain electrons, but will do so over a wider area which means that it will not create a surge which will destroy circuitry. Ionizing Equipment There are two different pieces of equipment which will add ions into an environment. You can use the overhead ionizers as well as the bench top ionizers. These add ions to an environment in which add positively charged particles into the environment which attach to the device and make sure that there is not a chance for electrons to move through you or other conductors. Neutralizing the charges will allow you to be able to protect yourself and these devices from. Positive and negative ions are entered into the environment in order to make sure that any excess of a charge will naturally be attracted to the opposite charge. By neutralizing the devices and your environment, it is possible to have the kind of protection you and the devices will need to have.
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