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    Monitoring Made Easy with the Desco 19218 Continuous Monitor

    The most important part of having a ground is to make sure that the ground is always intact. In many cases, this means having to test and retest the wrist straps and cords. This can take precious time away from what you are doing. When using the Desco 19218 Continuous monitor, it is possible to eliminate these tests. The system is very easy to use and can be purchased easily when visiting our online catalog at Kimco. Desco 19218 Jewel® Workstation Mini Monitor provides continuous tests of the wrist straps being used by operators. It is possible to use this to know whenever there is a problem because it will sound an alarm whenever the wrist strap or cord may fail. The use of a visual alarm along with an audio alarm makes it possible to see the alarm even if it is not possible to hear the alarm. Using the Park Snap feature allows for operators to easily disconnect without worrying about sounding the alarm. Small monitor has the ability to monitor the operator and the workspace independently. Continuous monitoring is available through wave distortion. If you need to monitor yourself or your workstation, it is easy to do it with the Desco 19218 Continuous monitor. This and other essential products can easily be purchased through our online catalog. At Kimco, we take your order very serious. We make every effort to get your order out as quickly as possible. In most cases, we can get your order out the very day you place the order. By keeping a well-stocked inventory at our warehouse, it makes it possible to fulfill orders even faster. Even large orders are not a problem for our competent team. We are eager to fill your order right away.
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