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    Protect Yourself with ESD Field Service Kits from Kimco

    For many repair industries there is a very real threat of electric static discharge that can damage systems, components, and caused bodily injury. Because of this threat there is the need for personal ESD field service kits which can be used to dissipate these buildups. ESD Field Service Kits provide a complete portable ESD safe workstation for personnel working with electronics in the field. This can be in the form of repairs, installation, cleaning, or any other work that technicians perform on a day to day schedule. In order to stop static electricity from damaging electronic cards, an ESD safe work area is essential for Field Service Technicians performing in-field repair or installation of cards. One example of the quality field service kit that is available at Kimco.com is the 3M 8505 ESD-Safe Premium Portable Telecommunications Field Service Kit. This ESD Field Service Kit is used by technicians in telecommunications, computer repair, industrial controls, imaging machines and business equipment service applications. The entire ESD kit folds to fit into most tool cases. It also contains the most important parts of static charge protection such as Static Dissipative Worksurface with Pocket, 3M™ Adjustable Wrist Band, and Lightweight Heavy-Duty Coiled Ground Cords. When in use you not only have a worksurface, but also personal protection from the build up of any static electricity buildup. Kimco.com is proud to be carrying this line of ESD field service kits within our extensive online catalog. The prices are all very competitive and kept low for customer savings. We ship quickly and have personal customer service to help you with any questions about these field service kits or any other ESD products you may need.
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