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    Work Safely With ESD Gloves and Fingercots Available at Kimco

    Anyone who works with electrical components, repairs computers and other electronics, and installs telecommunications or other electrical devices need to have a good supply of ESD gloves and fingercots. However, there are those who work in their own home garage, or basement workshop that continue to ask why these gloves should be worn. One reason for wearing ESD gloves and fingercots is to protect the components you are working with. As you work, the wrist band in the gloves grounds your body and prevents it acting as an ESD source. If you are not wearing gloves, anything you hold (e.g.tools or boards) are grounded through your body. If you wear a non ESD glove then the tools you are using become conductors of static electricity. This can severely damage components and circuits. Of course, another reason is to protect yourself from an electrical static discharge. Many times they are simple shocks, but there are times when they can be quite powerful. By wearing a glove like the Desco 68101 ESD-Safe glove can keep smudges, oils, and other contaminants away from the part you are working on or assembling. ESD gloves and fingercots should be a staple in any electrical assembly plant or basement workshop. You can find them at the Kimco website. Currently there are over 30 different types and sizes from which to choose from. The prices are always low, with many specials happening throughout the year, and shipping is fast. As you look through the catalog there may be other items that you can add and continue to save money.
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