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    Work With Confidence With ESD Grounding Hardware from Kimco

    It seems that everywhere you look today there is an electronic device of some sort. Everything from handheld devices to larger room appliances all work through computers, microchips and circuit boards. Doing any kind of repair to them means that you must think about Electro Static Discharge. Using some ESD grounding hardware will ensure that you do not damage the device as well as get a shock yourself. An electro static discharge is like the shock you receive when rubbing your feet on the carpet and touching something metal. An ESD can occur when working in your computer and will cause components you touch to no longer work properly. ESD can occur without the user feeling a shock and will occur while working on the inside of the computer or handling an expansion card. With the use of ESD grounding hardware you can easily dissipate this static build up. The 3M 2220 10' Coil Cord is a great grounding cord that we carry here at Kimco that is easily worn and has a 1 meg resistor contained within it. It can be clipped to your clothing and absorb the charge so that you do not pass it onto a metal substance or electrical board. Kimco has a great selection of ground hardware all at a great price. With 67 different items to choose from you will certainly find the size, shape, and part that you need. We ship out quickly and have a great customer service staff that can answer any questions you may have. While you are looking at the ESD grounding hardware take some time to see what other great ESD products we carry.
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