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    Stay Comfortable and Protected With ESD Matting at Kimco

    In any workspace where there is going to be assembly, or repair, of electrical components, ESD matting should be used. These mats are not only for comfort to stand on, but also for dissipating any electrical static charge that may occur on a worktop or desk. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. ESD can be caused by a buildup of static electricity by tribocharging, or by electrostatic induction. When this happens it can severely, and permanently, damage sensitive electronic devices solid state electronics components and integrated circuits. Using ESD matting on the floor and the workspace will dissipate the static charge and absorb it so that it is no longer a danger. One great example of this is the 3M 8023 3-Layer Static-Dissipative Vinyl Work Station Mat Kit. This ESD matting is grounded through a cord, grounding system and one adjustable wrist strap that the worker wears. This strap is connected to the grounding network to absorb the electrical charge. Working with electrical components is becoming an increased hobby for many people today. Whether repairing electronic devices or assembling computers, the home hobbyist should also look into having ESD matting and equipment to protect these sensitive components. We at Kimco are proud of our line of both floor and workspace ESD matting. We carry a large line of options to choose from to fit your particular area and needs. Check out our ESD matting options and notice our low prices.
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