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    Keep Your ESD Equipment Properly Calibrated with ESD Meters and Testers

    Making sure that your workspace, and your ESD equipment is working at peak efficiency is of the utmost importance for any clean room and electrical assembly area. With the use of ESD meters and testers you can easily check, and calibrate, your ESD equipment before using them. While working with different electrical components there is the potential to build up an electrical charge through static electricity. Once you touch a metal component then there may be spectacular electric sparks, but also less dramatic forms which may be neither seen nor heard, yet still be large enough to cause damage to sensitive electronic devices. This is most commonly referred to as an electrostatic discharge or ESD. To minimize the potential, and eliminate the ESD, the use of ESD safe products are commonly used. These come in the forms of ESD tools, lotions, clothing, gloves, mats, and other pieces of equipment. To keep all these things operational on an ESD level they need to be continually monitored as to their effectiveness. An ESD tester can help you know instantly if your ESD safe device is doing its job or not. One such device, the 3M 724 Continuous Wrist Strap Workstation Monitor, is a great way to constantly view the state of your ESD grounding hardware while you are working. You can find many ESD meters and testers at the Kimco website. We have low, low prices and helpful customer service professionals. Also, while at the website, check out the other ESD safe supplies that you can use to keep your workspace free from electric shock.
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