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    Work in Comfort and Protection With ESD Shoe Grounds From Kimco

    The biggest problem with working in a clean room is having to wear uncomfortable shoes. Most modern shoes are comfortable, but not very good for having an ESD safe environment. These modern shoes conduct static electricity which is then transferred through an electrostatic discharge. The end result is a damaged electrical component that you are working on. With the use of ESD shoe grounds, you do not have to worry about your shoes anymore. An ESD can cause irreparable damage to solid state electronics, circuit boards, and other components that rely on electrical impulses. However, this ESD can also set off explosions through methane gases and any build up of coal dust. It is important to wear protective clothing that is ESD safe while working with different computers and electronic devices. With the use of ESD shoe guards you do not have to change the clothing you are wearing, but also maintaining comfortable footwear. One example of a product we carry here at Kimco is the 3M 2044 Economy Heel Grounder. It can be strapped around a boot, or shoe, is one size fits all and made of conductive, abrasion resistant synthetic rubber material for long lasting durability. Anyone who works in the field doing repairs, in a clean room doing assembly, or in a basement workshop should have a pair of ESD shoe grounds for static protection. The Kimco website is the place to go for a great selection of these products. You will also find many other ESD safe products, accessories, and supplies to choose from for whatever project you are working on.
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