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    Stay Safe with the Desco 19101 Continuous Wrist Strap Monitor

    Working in any ESD area can be difficult. One errant electrical charge can cause a lot of problems in the equipment being worked on. Maintaining a ground is highly important as well as extremely difficult. By knowing the integrity of the ground, it can make it a lot easier to stay safe at all times. This is what you will find when using the Desco 19101 ContinuousWrist strap monitor. This product is available through the Kimco online catalog. Desco 19101 Zero Volt Continuous Monitor for Dual Wire Wrist Straps has multiple purposes. Not only does it allow the operator to monitor their grounding through the wrist straps. It also allows the ability to monitor the ESD work surface and the grounding for any tools used. When used to monitor the straps alone, the alarm will sound if the operator comes into contact with anything that could be dangerous to any ESD susceptible items. If looking to use the system to monitor tools, it will need to be turned on. This is disabled at the factory, but can be altered easily. All features of the monitor can easily be adjusted depending on your needs. The Desco 19101 Continuous Wrist strap monitor can be purchased directly from our online catalog at Kimco. We make sure you are able to find all of the materials and safety equipment you need. Whether you are working on something as an individual or you are buying for a production environment, we will be glad to fill your order. We make sure to keep stock of all the items in the catalog so your order will be shipped to you even faster. We ship most orders within the same day we receive the order so you get everything just as fast as possible.
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