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    Maintain a Ground with Desco Shoe Grounds, Desco Heel Grounders

    One of the most difficult things to do when working in an ESD environment is to maintain a ground. Shoes with rubber soles can protect the operator from being shocked, but they will not help to diffuse an electric charge. This is something which can be accomplished with Desco Shoe Grounds, Desco heel grounders. These items make it possible to stay grounded no matter where you go or what you do. You will be able to find these products and so much else when going to our online catalog at Kimo. When browsing through our Desco Shoe Grounds, Desco heel grounders, you will discover that there are grounders for every kind of shoe. The adjustable straps means that even those with large feet or bulky footwear will be able to find a strap which will fit their shoes. A D-ring strap is even available for grounding those who want to wear heeled shoes in these kinds of environments. Straps are easily attached to grounding cords to make sure that the operator will be able to stay grounded and protect equipment. Installation and removal are extremely easy with these straps. Ordering your Desco Shoe Grounds, Desco heel grounders is easy to do through Kimco. We make sure that the website is easy to access and navigate so you can find everything you are looking for. Simply purchase what you need for your professional work space or for your private workspace and we will be able to send it right out to you. We pride ourselves on keeping most products in stock so we can ship orders on the same day we receive them. Allow our staff of professionals to put your order together today. We look forward to receiving your order now and in the future. View all Desco sale items here.
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