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    Why is there a need to hand solder using nitrogen?


    Nitrogen is playing an increasingly important role in the electronic assembly industry, as businesses seek to cut costs and become more environmentally conscious. The gas has been used for years in the soldering process, but it has never been universally employed. As professionals in the industry become more familiar with the benefits of N2 soldering, though, its use is becoming more prevalent. Companies that turn to nitrogen handsoldering often supply Kimco Distributing with two reasons for their decision. First, N2 soldering offers improved performance over conventional forms of soldering. Second, it also promises environmental benefits.

    Handsoldering with nitrogen often provides better results than using an oxygen-rich environment. Nitrogen prevents oxidation from occurring during the soldering process, thereby protecting the components being soldered. Even minor oxidation causes major problems when one is dealing with miniscule electrical parts. In addition to this main benefit, nitrogen handsoldering also improves dross.

    Nitrogen, itself, is environmentally neutral. It is not manufactured but extracted from the air, thus neither creating or removing greenhouse gasses. When used in soldering, however, the gas is environmentally beneficial. In a purely nitrogen environment, there is no longer a need to clean. The nitrogen is not environmentally beneficial, but it removes the need to use environmentally harmful cleaning materials.

    A handsoldering unit like the Hakko FM2031-02 has all the features technicians need in a soldering tool. It is compatible with the T22 soldering tips, so it can solder a variety of components. It has a high mass and is powerful, making the Hakko FM2031-02 from Kimco Distributing ideal for high heat sink applications and heaving ground planes. Finally, it is also compatible with the Hakko FM203-DP ESD Safe Port. This N2 handsoldering tool is compatible with standard soldering equipment, but has the advantages of nitrogen soldering.

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