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    The Hakko FM2024-42 Desoldering Hand Piece Kit: Easy to Set Up and Use


    The Hakko FM206 soldering stations are well-built, precise and functional. At Kimco, we are happy to stock this series, because they are built by a leading manufacturer in the industry: Hakko. For some work, however, a soldering station does not have all the features workers need. At Kimco, we also carry several additional tools that are compatible with and complement the FM206 stations. One of the most popular tools is the FM2024-42 Desoldering Hand Piece Kit.

    Hakko’s Fm2024-42 Desoldering Hand Piece Kit from Kimco is designed to work with the brand’s FM203 and FM206 series. This hand-held tool makes removing solder easy, while not getting in the way of other work. It takes up very little space in a work area and is simple to set up. Because it is easy to use and compact, employees are able to quickly switch between the desoldering iron and another tool without impeding their workflow.

    Along with the actual desoldering iron, Kimco includes everything one needs to connect and use this piece in the box. It comes with a holder, cleaning drill, connecting cord, novel remover and ceramic filter. There are also instructions, which we at Kimco highly recommend opening and reading. This is not a set of Lego’s for your children – those instructions are important!

    Opening the instructions should take a few seconds and reading them might require a few minutes. Aside from these minor delays, setting up the Hakko FM2024-42 Desoldering Hand Piece Kit should be quick. With this tool, you or an employee can be desoldering in mere minutes, and it will provide reliable performance for years to come.

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