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    Make Electrical Repairs Easily with Steinel HG 350 Heat Gun

    When the need arises to make repairs to an electrical device or circuit board you will need to desolder a component. Many people try to do this through using a hair dryer, but they do not get hot enough. A Steinel HG 350 Heat Gun will warm up the solder quickly so you can remove it without any problems. This is just one of the many different heat guns that you will find at the Kimco website. The Steinel HG 350 ESD ESD-Safe Precision Hot Air Tool is the perfect tool for those jobs that require a delicate touch and where the work is in close surroundings. The precision of the heat, direction of heat, and intensity of it all make for the perfect small parts tool. The tool itself is compact, lightweight construction for long term use. Many times there is the need to mount the tool over head for quick access. The HG 350 ESD Safe Hot Air Tool includes a built in hanger for just this occurrence. A bright LED light to illuminate work area and temperatures of 750 degrees can be reached without the need of a reducer. You can pick up your own Steinel HG 350 ESD ESD-Safe Precision Hot Air Tool at Kimco for a much better cost that you would find at your local toolstore. Not only will you find the heat gun that you need, but you will also find a whole host of accessories. Along with that is great customer service that goes along with a precision in order fulfillment.
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