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    Perform Delicate Soldering Projects with the Steinel HB 1750 Heat Gun

    Whenever you are working with small products that need to be heat shrunk, or soldered, one of the best tools at your side is the heat gun. There are all kinds of heat guns that work for different situations. However, the Steinel HB 1750 High Output Heat Blower is one tool for many different jobs. This heat gun can be used from everything shrinking electrical connectors, vacuum tubes, or desoldering a piece to change it or fix it. You can find these listed at the Kimco website. The Steinel HB 1750 is an ergonomically high output lightweight ultra quiet tool. It contains several features that include a key coding system for different temperatures. It also features a powerful turbine blower with air delivery rate up to 23 CFM and a soft grip handle with convenient slide switch. The temperature ranges of the HB 1750 go from a starting point of 300 degrees to a very hot 1200 degrees. This gives you a lot of options as to the different types of projects you can do. If you find yourself with a lot of projects that require a heat gun you should then look into Steinel heat guns. They are made of highly durable construction and they are backed by a great guarantee. You can pick up this, and other Steinel electronic heat guns at Kimco. There you will find a large selection of heat blowers to choose from to fit your individual needs. The prices are all at a competitive level and customer services is always available to help.
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