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    Steinel ESD safe heat guns make desoldering a snap

    One of the essential tools that any electrical components worker is going to need by their side are a Steinel ESD safe heat guns. These heat guns have the ability to quickly desolder components for repairs or fixing mistakes. Anyone working with electrical circuit boards knows well the frustration of trying to remove a soldered piece with a low level heat gun or heat blower. These Steinel ESD safe heat guns from Kimco have variable temperatures so that you can get the right temp needed for the selected process. The Kimco online catalog boasts a large selection of these Steinel heat guns and all at fantastic prices. For example, the Steinel HG 350 ESD ESD-Safe Precision Hot Air Tool blasts air that is 750 degree constant temperature. This can even be increased with a reducer. The Steinel HG 2510 ESD IntelliTemp™ ESD-Safe Electronic Heat Gun with LCD Display is another great example of a heat gun that enables heat selection in 10 degree increments. This ESD type of heat gun works well with electrical components as there electrostatic discharge that can cause shorts within wires and fuses. These heat guns, and several others that are available at the Kimco online catalog, are great for any industry that needs to work on electrical components or the home hobbyist who wants a good tool for desoldering components for DIY repairs, heat shrinking connectors, or to shrink vacuum tubing. The stock of these heat blowers are constantly monitored by our warehouse professionals so that there is no danger of running out of stock when you need this precision tool. Check out the website today for selection and cost.
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