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    Ask the Toolman -- User Review Loctite Digital Syringe Dispenser 883976

    The Loctite 883976 is a semi-automatic dispensing system for Loctite's excellent products. No more wadded up tubes doing weird things in the bottom of the toolbox! It really isn't that hard to set up--the operating manual is pretty straight forward and easy to understand. I'd say the worst part is setting up the timed and incremental modes but if you can deal with setting all your digital clocks forward for daylight savings time, you can do this. Most of the time in a small shop you will probably want to use the Manual Mode for greater control.

    You do have to pay attention to the warnings...use the recommended filter (5 micron Filter –Regulator –Loctite 985397) for your inlet air supply and don't be turning your barrels upside down & sideways or leaving the vacuum on because if the adhesive leaks back into the system it is not good. That same vacuum component is sweet, though; it keeps the stuff from dripping and stringing all over your project.

    Why would you want a Digital Syringe Dispenser, you ask? Control, my friend. This machine gives you control when you put the goop on the doohicky. You know how easy it is to squeeze too hard and get too much. The Loctite 883976 lets you do the foot pedal in Manual Mode but it also has Incremental Mode where the machine puts on the brakes as you previously set it or the Automatic Mode where you have programmed it to do exactly the same thing every time you step on the pedal. You can get dots all the same size, beads in even widths, or just fill syringes for a quick squirt when you want one.

    If you use Loctite a lot--and most of us do--this is a machine that belongs in your dream shop.

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