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    Digital Syringe Dispenser Offers Precision & Reliability at an Affordable Price

    (formerly 98666)

    The Loctite 883976 Digital Syringe Dispenser is an affordable adhesive dispenser for companies that need to augment their repair equipment while staying within a budget. Priced significantly lower than the brand’s Digital Precision Syringe Dispenser (model no. 97006), the Digital Syringe Dispenser (883976) offers precision dispensing at an affordable price. Although this is a much less expensive piece of equipment, it features the same precision and reliability that all Loctite dispensers have.

    In the electronic repair industry, precision is a two-fold term. First, the amount of liquid dispensed must be precise. Few industries have less room to perform physical repairs than the electronics repair industry, where every nanometer counts. Second, the dispenser’s timing must also be accurate. In some cases, a repair might be manually done, in which case this latter aspect of precision is less important. Many manufacturers, though, use computerized assembly lines for at least a portion of these repairs. The equipment used in these assembly lines must be precisely coordinated.

    Loctite’s Digital Syringe Dispenser is precise in both of these aspects. While dispensing adhesives, it creates a vacuum. This vacuum sucks any extra adhesive back into the dispenser, so only the exact amount is distributed. As for timing, the dispenser has three modes: manual, incremental and timed. When adjusting the incremental and timed modes, repair personnel can adjust the timing to the nearest 0.001 second.

    Within the computer repair industry, Loctite is a recognized and trusted brand. Because their products provide reliable performance for lengthy periods of time, many computer repair facilities use their dispensers. At its affordable price, the Loctite 883976 Semi-Automatic Dispensing System provides a practical, accurate and dependable solution for companies that need equipment for assembly electrical components, repairing circuit boards and wire tacking. Take some time to check out the online catalog at Kimco to find the right product for your project or workspace.

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