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    Loctite 97215 Cartridge to Syringe Adapter Available at Kimco

    Every toolbox that you look at will contain an adapter of some sort to enable the user to use different sizes for different applications. This is no different for any type of industrial or assembly type of environment. The Loctite 97215 adapter is essential to any type of application of adhesives and solvents using the Loctite syringe dispensing system. With the Loctite 97215 the user can easily move between different sized cartridges without having to change out the syringe itself. This small plastic adapter is made of hard plastic for durability, but is also lightweight for ease of use. The kit from Kimco comes with 3 syringe filler adapters and 1 tube of silicone grease. It is a complete system that can be easily integrated into the use of the entire Loctite syringe dispensing system. The system is a pressure-time-vacuum dispensing system. It consists of a plastic disposable syringe that is filled with Loctite® product, an air regulator and pressure gauge to control the pressure and an electrical timing circuit to control the dispense cycle. The vacuum suck-back feature allows the operator to control product stringing, dripping or drooling between dispense cycles. This small adapter is integral for a continued work station that can easily be used within this pressure system for a much better control of work, ease of use, and better use of materials without taking time to change syringes. You can find these Loctite 97215 adapters at the Kimco.com website. You will also find that the prices of these time saving measures are also very low and competitive in nature.
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