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    Get Your Loctite 97208 10ml Syringe Adaptor Through Kimco For Next Project

    When it comes to precision in application of adhesives and solvents there are no better products than the Loctite line. Kimco has begun to carry this great line including the Loctite 97208 Syringe Airline Adaptor for the dispensing system. This is an amazing way to distribute just the right amount of product in the exact right space. The systems itself is a pressure-time-vacuum dispensing system. It consists of a plastic disposable syringe that is filled with Loctite® product, an air regulator and pressure gauge to control the pressure and an electrical timing circuit to control the dispense cycle. The vacuum suck-back feature allows the operator to control product stringing, dripping or drooling between dispense cycles. When the dispense cycle is initiated by pressing the foot switch, a pulse of air, either timed or manually controlled, is transmitted to the top of the syringe barrel. This pushes a metered amount of product out of the dispense tip attached to the syringe. The syringe itself is a replaceable syringe that can also some in different sizes for bigger or more complex projects. Using this type of system helps the user to deliver just the right amount of products, with the right amount of pressure, each and every time. Kimco offers a 10ml syringe adaptor for use within this dispensing system. We also carry other sizes as well. Check out the Kimco.com website for more details on this, and other Loctite products. The prices are low and competitive and our shipping speed is second to none. If you are in need of quality Loctite products and adhesives then check out our extensive lineup today.
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