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    Apply Rapid Drops of Adhesive Without Mess with Loctite 97132 Vari-Drop Applicator from Kimco

    In the industrial world there is a great need for precision application of adhesives, solvents, and other types of liquid applications. Without a precise drop there can be damage and especially waste of product. The Loctite 97132 is a vari-drop applicator that allows the user to repeatedly dispense multiple drops to heavy beads on an item. Kimco testers have gone through the Loctite 97132 and have seen fit to recommend it to our customers and readers. It is a rigid construction, but also being lightweight so prolonged use does not tire the user. This applicator is a manually controlled held valve suitable for dispensing low to medium viscosity products. Included within the construction of the 97132 is an adjustment screw. This adjusting screw allows repeatable dispense from drops to heavy beads. As the user wants more he can easily do with the trigger on the case. The quantity applied is dependent upon on the stroke set for the trigger, and how long the operator holds down the trigger. Easily used, the Loctite 97132 can not only help to speed up production of multiple parts and products, but also save a great deal of operating costs through wasted materials and mistakes to product. Being hand-held also gives the person using the tool a greater range of control. The Loctite 97132 is available now at the Kimco.com website. There you can not only find the 97312, but also many other Loctite tools, adhesives, and solvents to complete any sized job or task. The low prices keep you within budget and the fast shipping keeps you productive.
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