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    Increase Production With Loctite 97131 Vari-Drop Applicator For Repeat Processes

    When it comes to production there are two important aspects to keep in mind. The first is to minimize time in production and the second is to minimize cost through waste. The Loctite 97131 Vari-Drop Applicator is perfect for any production line as it is built with these two aspects in mind. Anyone who produces many of the same products and parts, or is tasked with assembling large pieces with many instances of multiple adhesive or solvent applications, finds it important to have a readily available applicator, but without a lot of mess. We have found that the Loctite 97131 fits this bill and does it quite well. The 97131 applicator with the 1/4"Feedline Tube & Two Spring Guards is a manually controlled held valve suitable for dispensing low to medium viscosity products. Included on the tool is an adjusting screw that allows repeatable dispense from drops to heavy beads. The quantity applied is dependent upon on the stroke set for the trigger, and how long the operator holds down the trigger. The Loctite 97131 is an invaluable tool as it includes 7 feet of black, teflon-lined 1/4 inch Feedline Tubing; two (2) Spring Guards; nut and ferrule for attaching the feedline; and a reservoir tank-top fitting. This is a feature not commonly found on different applicators of the same variety. You can pick up the Loctite 97131 Vari-Drop applicator through the Kimco.com online catalog. There you will also find other applicators and adhesives to use on your various projects. Kimco offers quality products at low, low prices. We also have very fast shipping to make sure that you do not miss a beat in your production.
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