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    Make Easy Work of Bonding Jobs with Loctite 98413 UV Flood System

    There are plenty of ways to make sure that the bond, or seal, you placed upon a product or part during assembly stays. The best way, that we have seen through our own testing, is with the Loctite 98413 ZETA® 7411-S UV Flood System. This system is the ideal solution for smaller products and pieces that need to be sealed from any foreign particles gaining entrance. This is mostly seen in the electronics industry, but there are still other applications for hobbyists, mechanics, and other engineering fields where the Loctite 98413 is useful. The Loctite 98413 ZETA® 7411-S UV Flood System is designed exclusively for use in a wide range of bonding, potting, tacking, and sealing applications. It is a truly powerful system that can find a home in any environment. The 98413 ZETA is a medium intensity, bench top modular light cure system and includes a 4 inch, 400 Watt/inch UV metal halide lamp. This unit can accept multiple part sizes and has a typical curing area is 8 inches x 8 inches. This unit through Kimco also includes an operations manual, cotton gloves, UV metal halide lamp, and UV protection glasses. This powerful unit is essential for your next project, or for your assembly line. You can find the Loctite 98413 within our online catalog at Kimco.com at a special price that will not break your budget. Give your workers the exact tool they need to to the job right at a cost that will make it worth the investment. We also carry many other products from tools to safety gear all at low prices and fast shipping.
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