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    Use the Loctite 983439 Pneumatic Dispenser for Better Applications and Less Mess

    As more and more projects call for the use of mixing two different chemicals to create an epoxy type of bond there is the need for a viable way to do this without wasting material or money. The Loctite 983439 400 ml Dual Cartridge Pneumatic Applicator is the way to do this easily and with little cost. When the need comes to use a strong bond there is the mixing of two different chemicals that are extremely dangerous to skin, eyes, and mouth. There is also a need for speed when using this type of epoxy adhesive. If you do not get the two chemicals mixed correctly then the bond will not be right. Also, if you do not use the mixture before it hardens you will be forced to make a new mix as this type of adhesive has a very short set time. With the Loctite 983439 this worry has been taken care of for you. The dual canister mixing means that the right amount of chemical is being mixed for immediate use. These dispensers are compatible with 1:1 and 1:2 mix ratio products and provide a convenient, cost-effective method to apply product with minimal waste. Getting your hands on a Loctite 983439 is easy when you go to the Kimco.com website. We are proud to carry an extensive line of Loctite tools, dispensers and adhesives along with the other tools in our catalog. Our prices are always low and we have many different specials throughout the year on different lines and tools. Check out the catalog today and you will be pleased with the selection and price.
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