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    Complete Your Epoxy Jobs Faster with Loctite 983438 from Kimco

    Many different industries today have the need for a viable solution to mixing two different materials together for a strong adhesive bond. This is mostly found in garages, assembly plants and construction areas that use epoxies and other strong adhesives. The solution to doing this easily is the Loctite 983438 400 ml Dual Cartridge Manual Applicator. When mixing two different materials for an epoxy hold it can be a little dangerous as the chemicals are very strong, and it requires an essence of speed as the mixture of the chemicals sets up very fast. If the timing is missed then you can be left with an epoxy you can not use and the need to make another batch. This, of course, can be pretty expensive. In our own testing we have found that the Loctite 983438 manual applicator does this mixing without any mess or problems of setting up too quick. With the Loctite 98343 you can dispense the exact amount of adhesive that you need directly to the area where you need it. No mixing of harmful chemicals or having to throw away unused material. These dispensers are compatible with 1:1 and 1:2 mix ratio products and provide a convenient, cost-effective method to apply product with minimal waste. You can find the Loctite 983438 dispenser at the Kimco.com website. Also, while looking at the site you can find other Loctite products and adhesives to use with your projects. Each of the products we carry is competitively priced and is guaranteed to be shipped out immediately.
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