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    Deliver The Right Adhesive Through the Loctite 983437 Pneumatic Dual Applicator

    There are plenty of different projects and industries in which there is a need for mixing two different materials in order to secure a strong adhesive bond. Many epoxies are of the nature in which they must be mixed before being strong enough to hold. The Loctite 983437 200 ml Dual Cartridge Pneumatic Applicator is a great way to do this, but in an easy way. For industries in which there is a large amount of different projects which require constant application of an adhesive the pneumatic Loctite 983437 is the perfect choice. This pneumatic tool receives just the right amount of material through both of the canisters so you get the right mix everytime. The 983437 200 ml Dual Cartridge Pneumatic Manual Applicator is a hand-held, manually operated meter-mix dispenser. You can use this in the garage or commercial building with the same type of ease and results. These dispensers are compatible with 1:1 and 1:2 mix ratio products and provide a convenient, cost-effective method to apply product with minimal waste. In our own testing we have seen that the mixture is always the correct mix and there is no mess. Each bonding project was completed in much less time and without any problems. Kimco.com is proud to carry the Loctite line of products and especially the pneumatic Loctite 983437. Check out the Kimco website for more details and the special sales price for the 983437. You will find it easily through the above link or the search function at the site. Our prices are always low and we offer fast shipping so you can continue working without interruption.
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