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    ESD safe tools for workplace

    9 Essential ESD Equipment to enhance Workplace Safety & Productivity 

    Electrical and electronic components have become an inevitable part of everyday life. The electronic industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years since it is a major supplier of raw materials. With the increasing demand for electronic devices, man-made hazards and manufacturing damages have also found a hike. 

    ESD safe tools for the biomedical industry

    Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

    Safety and quality are mostly overlooked while focusing on an increased production rate. Lack of awareness about safety at the workplace invites hazards. It doesn’t matter where you work, from a small screwdriver to a large machine can cause life threat and manufacturing defects if they are not used abiding proper safety measures. 

    How can you guarantee heightened workplace safety and productivity at the same time? Well, ESD equipment has gained huge momentum in the electronic industry these days. Let’s analyze the practicalities of ESD equipment in ensuring safety and productivity. 

    Nuts and Bolts of ESD Equipment    

    Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a common phenomenon associated with electrical components. It occurs due to the sudden flow of electricity between two charged bodies. If not taken seriously, ESD can generate a hazardous environment. Lapses in ESD control can invite the following disasters:

    • Damages electronic products
    • Destroys magnetic texture of a component
    • Inflicts explosion or fire 
    • Life threat    

    ESD safe equipment to prevent sparks and electric shock

    Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

    ESD control or related equipment is not limited to electronic or manufacturing industries. It must be used in all areas where you need to interact with electronic devices and electrical equipment. ESD control equipment is a broad term. It includes everything from a simple head cap to a foot grounder.

    Set Up an ESD Workplace 

    A technical department is necessary for every workplace. Since electronics have become the backbone of development, every industry is utilizing its benefits and assistance. Along with incorporating the benefits of technology and the electronic industry, it is also mandatory to understand and resolve the risks associated with it.

    ESD safe equipment is necessary to verify and measure the quality of electronic devices and ensure the safety of workers working in ESD sensitive areas. Now, let us see some of the top-hole ESD equipment that could be used to eliminate hazards generated through ESD.    

    1. ESD Safe Gloves

    ESD safe blue nitrile powder disposable gloves are ideal for people working in the electronic industry, laboratory, automotive industry, beauty based industry, food handling, and biomedical industry. While selecting ESD gloves you should understand the nature of your work and the type of materials used while making a glove.

    Blue Nitrile gloves to prevent electrostatic discharge

    Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

    There are handling gloves and assembly gloves. The former protects you from the hazardous environment, and the later ensures the safety of the devices you use. 

    2. ESD Safe Wristband

    Are you continuously exposed to sensitive electronic works? Then you must wear an ESD safe wristband. When you move from your workplace, it develops static energy or sudden electronic discharge that may damage the electronic devices. 

    If you wear an ESD safe wristband, the static energy liberated will be channelized towards the wristband hence protecting the sensitive devices. 

    3. ESD Safe Foot Grounder

    If you are a mobile worker who needs to interact with sensitive electronic activities, an ESD protected foot grounder is an essential safety measure you should wear to avoid possible risks. It is made of a conductive ribbon that will absorb the static energy produced during mobility. 

    ESD safe foot grounders for mobile workers  

    Photo by Cinescope Creative on Unsplash

    The sudden flow of energy is absorbed by the conductive material before it creates a spark or static shock. It ensures the safety of the worker and the components from severe damages.

    4. ESD Safe Furniture

     Electronic workplaces need meticulous organization. It is mandatory to equip the workplace with high-quality ESD dissipative furniture to ensure safety and productivity. ESD safe ergonomic chairs and benches should be preferred to ordinary chairs and desks to reduce the risk posed by static energy. 

    ESD safe ergonomic furniture

    Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

    5. ESD Safe Cleanroom Wipes

    Forget about using old clothes and rags to clean electronic and cleanroom equipment. You must make use of ESD safe cleanroom wipes to retain the durability and efficiency of the electronic components. The anti-dusting and anti-static property of cleanroom wipes make them ideal for industrial application.

    6. ESD Safe Floor Mat

    ESD safe floor mats are designed to drain static charge from our body before we touch any electronic equipment. Our slightest movement can inflict a sudden flow of current that could damage sensitive electronic devices. ESD safe floor mats prevent such happenings and ensure safety by dispersing static energy and shock.

    ESD safe conductive floor mat

    Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

    7. Static Shielding Bags

    A small silver-coated cover can protect the electronic devices from electrostatic discharge, can you believe it? ESD safe static shielding bags dissipate static energy. The inner layer of the shielding bag is made of ESD protected polythene and aluminum shielding. 

    Moisture barrier bags are another variety that could be utilized to prevent moisture vapor transmission rate, electrostatic discharge, and radiofrequency transmission. 

    8. ESD Safe Handtools

    Along with ESD safe foot grounder, shielding bags, and gloves, it is also mandatory to use ESD safe handtools. Handtools are important life hack components that can be used in the household atmosphere and large industries. 

    ESD safe hand tool and assessment kit to check the quality of sensitive devices

    Image by Emilian Robert Vicol from Pixabay 

    The dissipative handles of such tools eliminate high degree electrostatic discharge. Let’s see some casual ESD safe hand tool equipment you need to include in a personalized toolkit

    • Adjustable Torque Screwdriver
    • Ergonomic Scissors and head cutters
    • Nose Smooth Jaw Pliers
    • Shock Absorbing Driver
    • Vacuum Pick-Up Tool
    • Stainless Steel Tweezers 

    9. EOS/ESD Assessment Kit

    If you are running an electronic industry or any other manufacturing agency, it is imperative to ensure that the devices are qualified to be used in an ESD protected area. EOS/ESD Assessment Kit verifies the quality of the appliances you use. The kit includes the following equipment

    • Handheld electrode
    • Resistance Pro Meter 
    • ESD Event Meter
    • Ground Pro Meter
    • Air ionizer test kit
    • ESD training Paddles Set 

    Final Note

    Static electricity and ESD problems are common in the industrial world. Using high-quality ESD equipment is the only solution to this issue. To select the best equipment fit for your industry type, you need meticulous research, but yet, there is some mandatory equipment that could be used to avoid primary risk factors.

    ESD equipment to protect workers from a critical environment

    Photo by Pavel Chernonogov from Pexels

    Spotting the essentials is always a confusing task, but at GoKimco you will find the most qualified ESD equipment to safeguard your workstation.

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