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    A person doing welding work by wearing essential PPE

    Desco Static Control Products and Supplies: The Ultimate Solution for ESD Issues & Hazards

    Desco (Delta Electrical Specialty Company), the name evokes the sensation of high-end safety and productivity. From the budding industrialists to top brass in manufacturing need a trustable brand to increase productivity and keep up the brand name. Desco promises the best industrial solution through its quality products and durable operational efficiency. 

    A group of employees working inside a manufacturing unit by wearing customized ESD safe jackets

    Photo by Remy Gieling on Unsplash

    Static electricity and electrostatic discharge are common to all industries. Lack of proper safety measures and indifference towards adequate safety precautions can lead to industrial disasters. Hence, the presence of a trustable ESD safe product supplier is mandatory to instigate safety measures in industries and manufacturing units.  

    A woman wearing a yellow headcover, black gloves, and protective eyewear working inside a manufacturing unit

    Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

    At Gokimco, the authorized dealer of Desco, you will find a raft of quality supplies that will hone your workplace with ESD-safe products. Let’s see some of the static control and ESD safe supplies from Desco that are necessary to arrange an employee-friendly and sensitive device friendly work atmosphere.

    Product Supplies from Desco

    From personal protective equipment to large cleanroom equipment, Desco has in store everything mandatory to ensure safety and productivity. Desco also manufactures custom products according to customer specifications to cater to the personalized needs of the customers. 

     A person covered in white PPE standing inside a cleanroom

    Photo by L N on Unsplash

    Here are some of the necessary safety equipment supplied from Desco 

    1. ESD Safe Shield bags

    Packing or storage necessity is an imperative segment of safeguarding sensitive products. Some products may develop static electricity when left in the open air. While traveling also, it is necessary to protect sensitive devices from static exposure. A static control shield bag will help to get rid of these issues.

    A woman and a man packing sensitive equipment using a bubble bag

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

     Desco supplies a wide range of static control bags with varying properties fit to cater to your needs. 

    Some highly recommended shield bags from Desco are listed below

    1. High Moisture Barrier bags
    2. Shielding bubble bag
    3. Ulta clear ESD safe Zip-top barrier bags   
    4. Static shielding Metal In open-top Bag
    5. Static shielding Metal In zip-top Bag

    2. ESD-Safe Labels

    A label is an inevitable signage that could raise your brand standards. It is considered a practical solution to upgrade your market value. Labels serve to be an effective medium for the identification process, printing instructions, packaging, and shipping purposes.    

    An orange-colored ESD safe warning label Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

    Desco has numerous print labels that can take your brand name to the attention of the common folk. Some of them include 

    3. Cleanroom Products  

    Cleanrooms are an essential part of any manufacturing unit to maintain disciplined productive work hours. A well-equipped cleanroom improves work efficiency and protects employees from possible electrocution and other health irking hazards.

    Three employees in white ESD safe Jackets and protective eyewear working inside a cleanroom unit

    Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

    At Desco, you will find numerous cleanroom equipment that are necessary to improve security and efficiency. The top-notch ESD safe cleanroom product supplies from Desco include

    4. Personal Protective Equipment

    Personal protection is a mandatory topic to be discussed for ensuring the safety of any workplace. An employee is the face of any institution. Their health and emotional wellbeing affect the prospect of the institution. So, it is obligatory to ensure a safe work environment for employers to improve safety and increase the work rate. 

    An industrial worker wrapped inside an orange color protective wear doing manufacturing works

    Image by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay 

    Let’s take a look at some of the PPE supplies offered by Desco

    5. Stat-free Conductive Foam

    Conductive foams are designed to cater to the component packaging needs. It is ideal for lead insertion packaging. Its uniform protection, low tribocharging feature, and corrosion-free properties make it the best packaging solution.  

    6. Personal Grounding Testers

    A personal grounding system is necessary to channelize the voltage flow to protect workers and sensitive devices from static prone disasters. The Personal Grounding Testers can verify the running status of protective equipment through auto-generated signals and emails. 

    A red color digital personal grounding tester to measure equipment quality

    Image by Maximilian Fritsche from Pixabay 

    Desco offers personal grounding testers that efficiently monitor grounding units installed in the workplaces. Here are some indispensable grounding equipment you need to install in ESD prone work areas.

    7. Floor Finish and Maintenance 

    The floor finish is necessary to convert non-ESD floors to ESD protected flooring. A conductive material present on the mat absorbs static energy by initializing proper grounding. Some commonly used Desco floor maintenance products are

    8. Tapes and Masks

    ESD safe tapes are a high-end safety device that could provide shielding from product contamination, and they leave no traces of static charges even after removing them from the product surfaces. There are a plethora of ESD safe tapes available in the market, but choosing the right one, fit for your specifications is necessary.

    A young lady using an adhesive tape to to pack a cardboard

    Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

    Some of the high-quality static control tapes from Desco include:  

    Let’s Conclude

    A brand with recognition is necessary to optimize your workplace wherein you need to come in contact with static electricity. Desco offers a plethora of ESD safe products that could upgrade your workplace.

    Gokimco, the trustable dealer of Desco, provides everyone with a virtual shopping experience where you could shop by brands to find the best suit for your manufacturing and electronic industry. You can shop from the extensive brand collections at Gokimco to organize your workplace by adhering to the best available safety standards.
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